Tools to promote effective use
of the benefits plan.

Providing our clients valuable solutions to strengthen an employer’s benefit program.

Employee Navigator

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Employee Navigator was established with one simple concept: Make our software affordable and the best in the industry. As we see the future, products and services used by HR and brokers are combining under a single computer system. This system will connect brokers, HR and their employees on a single mobile platform, eliminate paper and transform the insurance industry.


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HR 360 is designed to provide private sector businesses with the federal and state HR and benefits guidelines, interactive tools, forms, and posters they need to effectively and efficiently deal with the many compliance and other issues they encounter on a day-to-day basis.

Health Advocate

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Health Advocate complements basic coverage by facilitating members’ interactions with insurers and healthcare providers, saving client companies and their employees both time and money and increasing the value of their healthcare dollar.